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Welcome to Vagabond Brocante! Having indulged my love for treasure hunting and collecting said treasures for, well ... ever, the time has come to share the bounty. I have big plans to finish out my basement and once and for all complete my studio, so yes, the overflow from my many excursions has to be purged. Ok, and to be honest, I can't justify continuing to treasure hunt lest my family begins to fear I'm heading towards becoming a hoarder.

So, after much thought, discussion with wise and encouraging friends, and inspiration from many other friends and websites of this genre, I decided creating Vagabond Brocante was the perfect solution.

Why is it called Vagabond Brocante? I wanted a name that evoked the thrill of the hunt, the joy of the find, and that would express the idea of getting a great deal. I also want to stock the shop with beautiful items, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind vintage or artisan made goods, romantic, chic, lovely to touch and see and own. Vagabond is a somewhat misunderstood word, variously defined as one who drifts, or who follows a wandering lifestyle (oh to be so free!) but I like to think of it as someone who searches, visits, and explores. Closer in spirit to those described by critic Arthur Compton-Rickett (1869-1937), who used the term to denote a literary type, which he characterised as “with a vagrant strain in the blood, a natural inquisitiveness about the world beyond their doors.” That's the kind of vagabond I aspire to be! And of course Brocante is simply a lovely word for flea-market ... much sweeter and fancier though, more fitting for the items I seek and look forward to offering.

And in case you found your way here and don't know who I am... I should fix that! Hi! I'm Dianne Hadaway, Entrepreneur, Passionate Designer & Seamstress, Home Decor Nut, Purse Maker, Treasure Hunter, Writer, oh and Wife, Mother, Sister, Aunt, Friend, in no particular order, except Child of God, that comes first.

Some of you may know me from my other business, Mama's Pocketbook, which I created in 2006 following a 5 year career as a writer/advocate for Single Parents as the Guide to Single Parents at I have many passions and I think we should all have many passions! And we should follow them with all our hearts! Thank you for visiting Vagabond Brocante. I hope you'll find something you adore and must have.

Have FUN exploring with me! XOXO Dianne